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At Southlake, we are committed to nurturing the future of tomorrow – our students. As preceptors, teachers and mentors we commit to providing an interprofessional environment to help learners gain the knowledge, skill and attitudes to advance learning in professional and interprofessional care. Our Southlake Value statements will guide our commitment to learners.

Put Patients First:

  • Ensure students identify themselves to all patients
  • Be certain that consent for their participation has been attained prior to observing or actively taking part in the patient's health care - patients have a choice about the role students' play in their care
  • Ensure patient safety
  • Let patients know that throughout their stay there may be other students who also participate in aspects of their health care and treatment.

Give a Damn:

  • Encourage students to embrace and be curious about learning opportunities available to them.
  • Provide and seek timely, respectful, constructive and effective feedback
  • Treat students with respect at all times and expect the same in return
  • Value the opportunity to shape our learners of tomorrow, and recognize the life-long impression our input can have
  • Find out how to provide students with a valuable interprofessional learning experience
  • Ensure student safety and support in situations of physical, environmental and emotional risk
  • Respect the dignity, culture and diversity of all learners
  • Work to ensure that academic requirements are monitored to ensure that the student experience meets academic standards and includes opportunities SRHC has to offer

Push The Envelope:

  • Recognize the value our students add to our organization - they enrich our knowledge and our understanding new practices
  • Commit to learn as much as you can from our students
  • If there is something they wish to learn about- help them to learn it or if you can't, seek out someone who can
  • Model good collaboration and take time to discuss how you make it happen in providing Shockingly Excellent Patient Experiences
  • Maintain a high level of professional competence to provide great learning experiences

Honour Your Commitments:

  • Be aware of and follow Southlake's policies and procedures.
  • Model what you teach
  • If you say you will do something, do it, or if you can't do it explain why
Speak Up
  • Help build a culture where every member of the Southlake team can feel safe and encouraged to speak up courteously and to have their concerns heard and respectfully considered. By creating a culture of Speak Up at Southlake, we, as an organization, will be able to improve safety at Southlake and deliver shockingly excellent experiences to everyone we interact with each and every day.
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