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The CreateIT Now Climate

 CreateIT Now puts you amongst large clusters of life sciences and ICT companies primed to take advantage of these converging technologies. 

Located in Newmaket, Ontario, Canada, CreateIT Now is a short drive north of Toronto in the heart of York Region, offering a perfect gateway to US and Canadian markets.


Canadian Health Information Technology (HIT) Market

  • $200 billion in annual healthcare spending
  • $5 billion Canadian Health Information market (Branham Group, Frost & Sullivan)
  • Hospitals account for approx. 50% of Canada’s HIT spending
  • Canadian HIT market is growing at 3% per year
  • Canadian Health Infoway agency has funded 320 e-health projects of which 193 operational or under implementation
  • Close to 500 HIT firms operate in the Canadian market
  • $6.5 billion life sciences R&D spending annually
  • Canada has the most generous R&D incentives in the industrialized world
  • $32 billion Canadian bio-medical market—among the world’s fastest growing and most sophisticated


Healthcare and IT Convergence Hub

  • York Region is home to 4,000 Information & Communications Technology (ICT) firms, including: IBM, Cerner Canada, Nightingale Informatix, Avaya, Philips Healthcare, Lexmark Healthcare and Alcatel Lucent
  • York Region is home to Ontario’s largest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) serving 1.8M people
  • 60 vicinity hospitals
  • 6 area medical schools and over 50 academic programs related to medical devices and biomedical engineering


In-Market Clinical Trials Hub 

  • The Toronto area is a leading global site for clinical trials with 35% more trials per capita than in the U.S. and 80% more trials per capita than Europe
  • Concentrated and diverse patient base
  • Significant clinical trials cost advantage over the U.S.
  • More than 220 service companies (e.g. Contract Research Organizations) operate in Toronto area


Top Global Talent 

  • Greater Toronto’s workforce of 4 million represents 23% of Canada’s entire labour force 
  • 70% of York Region residents aged 25 – 64 have post-secondary education, 
  • 45% of York Region’s population is foreign born, bringing in-market connections in the world’s fastest growing economies 

Unparalleled Market Access 
  • 500 mile radius (one day’s drive) access to: 
    • 140 million North American consumers nearly half of Canada’s population 
    • 40% of U.S. population 
    • 65% of Canadian head offices 
    • 70% of industrial base 
    • most foreign subsidiaries in Canada 
  • U.S.-Canada-Mexico free trade (NAFTA) access to 450 million consumers, $16 trillion GDP market 

Cost-Effective Location to do Business  

  • Greater Toronto Area cost advantage over U.S. average (KPMG 2012) 
    • Biomedical R&D 5% 
    • Clinical Trials 6% 
    • Medical devices/pharma manufacturing 3% – 4% 
  • York Region is greater Toronto’s most cost-effective business location with 25% lower business property taxes on average 
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