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Past Annual Reports & Audited Financial Statements
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Annual Report, 2012-13
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Audited Financial Statements
Report from the Board Chair
Report from the Treasurer
Report from the President and CEO
Report from the Chief of Medical Staff

Vital Signs
406 Beds
Regional Cardiac Care Program
5832 Cardiac Catheterizations
1992 Perciteous Coronary Interventions
1014 Cardiac Surgeries
1026 Pacemakers/Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators implanted
699 Electrophysiology Studies

Regional Cancer Program
24,738 radiation treatments
8,389 chemotherapy treatments

70 new projects in 2011-12
270 research studies currently underway

Diagnostic Imaging
331,847 Diagnostic Exams
15,554 MRI scans
23,673 CT scans

Emergency Department
93,922 emergency room visits

Maternal Child
2632 babies born

Child and Adolescent Easting Disorders Program
175 cases treated on an out-patient basis
2 dedicated in-patient beds to support the program
Family Medicine Teaching Unit
291 applications for 9 positions in the residency program

Organ/Tissue Donation
4 organ donors
47 tissue donors
12 lives saved through organ donation
332 potential lives enhanced through tissue donation 

Our People
3076 Staff
530 Doctors
595 Students
971 Volunteers
97,505 hours donated by volunteers

470 Nursing (RN/RPN/MN/NP)
92 Allied Health
29 Non-clinical
4 Research

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