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About CreateIT Now

 CreateIT Now at Southlake is a healthcare-focused innovation centre offering unparalleled access to a leading community Hospital and the clinicians and researchers who work there.

A launch pad for high-impact initiatives, CreateIT Now brings private-sector organizations together with academic institutions and Southlake Regional Health Centre’s resources to drive new technologies and to triage promising products based on a culture of fail fast; succeed early.

When Failure is an Option

As counterintuitive as failure seems to a business just starting up, the fact is 90% of healthcare startups in Ontario fail. CreateIT Now exist to address this startling reality.

These business fail in large part because they are locked out of the healthcare environment when developing their products, only gaining access once that product has been brought to market, if it even gets that far. With no early adopters, no first sales, and no foothold in Ontario’s complex procurement system, failure becomes an option.

Fail Fast; Succeed Early

Southlake Regional Health Centre, together with its partners, have launched CreateIT Now at Southlake to drive the future of healthcare innovations by cultivating great ideas that will translate to healthcare and commercial success.

CreateIT Now address the issue of access to a healthcare environment, offering clients access to a community-based Hospital with advanced region programs, in addition to the financial, legal, and business advice and support one would typical find at an incubator.

A launch pad for high-impact initiatives, CreateIT Now at Southlake is a space to bring private-sector organizations together with academic institutions and Southlake resources to ultimately drive new technologies and triage promising projects based on a culture of “fail fast and succeed early.”

Housed in a stand-alone building, CreateIT Now extends into the Hospital and the community offering connectivity, mentorship, and training. Determining which initiatives have the highest potential impact, The CreateIT Now team will help fast-track ideas to market by mentoring new entrepreneurs, addressing regulatory issues, and generating a sustainable revenue stream through progressive intellectual property and royalty agreements.

CreateIT Now participants include companies from the local community and other areas across Canada, plus international organizations that are seeking an entry point into the Canadian market. We offer a unique opportunity for businesses to seek expertise in an effort to shape commercial opportunities, utilize the expertise of Southlake to filed-test innovation, or simply to establish their business in an environment populated by like-minded companies.

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