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Role Observation Experience (ROE)
Southlake Regional Health Centre is committed to building a culture of interprofessional care. This commitment extends to learners as well. The Role Observation Experience (ROE) is an example of an interprofessional initiative that learners can take advantage of. This initiative has received excellent feedback from learners and staff who have participated.
The ROE was created to:
  • Give learners an opportunity to better understand the roles of different healthcare providers in a variety of practice settings.
  • Assist in creating an understanding of the elements needed to create and enable interprofessional care.

If you wish to participate in an ROE, read this information carefully and then discuss the opportunity with your preceptor or clinical instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a ROE?
The ROE is a formal opportunity for learners to:
  • Learn about the roles of others on healthcare teams.
  • Recognize how stereotypes can impact patient care.
  • Apply learnings about interprofessional care.
Who is eligible to participate in the ROE?
Learners are eligible to participate in the ROE if they:
  • Have a clinical placement at Southlake for 3 weeks or greater, and,
  • Have the approval of a preceptor or clinical instructor.
What does the ROE consist of?
There are 3 parts to the ROE: 
  • A Role Observation
  • A Debrief Session (a small group discussion with other learners to talk about the observation, the reflective assignment and interprofessional collaboration).
Why is there an assignment?
An important part of interprofessional education is giving learners the opportunity to reflect in order to solidify their experience. The reflective assignment provides an opportunity to consider and appreciate what was observed. The assignment is not handed in; rather it is meant to promote reflection and discussion to challenge thoughts on stereotypes and misconceptions which are often seen on healthcare teams on the roles of others.
How do I arrange for and get the most out of my ROE?
  • Email the ROE contact person to arrange an ROE
  • Sign up for a Debrief Session when you confirm your ROE date
  • Find out the length of the observation opportunity, who is leading it and where to meet
  • Any special instructions, e.g. clothing 
  • Review the reflective assignment prior to your observation
  • Consider reading up on the role you are to observe in order to understand the role and the training required, environments in which they work and what they do.
  • Make sure to mark the date in your calendar so you don't forget
  • Be on time for your observation and get directions to where you must go
  • Be respectful and courteous to the fact that patient treatment is occurring
  • Be sure to complete your assignment and bring it  to the Debrief session
  • Don't forget to share your ROE with your preceptor, the rest of the clinical team and your fellow students
  • Have fun!
 If you have any questions about this initiative or about IP Care at Southlake, please contact Lorna Bain at ext. 2274 or lbain@southlakeregional.org.
Questions From the Reflective Assignment
Below are questions contained in the Interprofessional Reflective Assignment which has been adapted from a Michener Institute assignment:
  • Which profession did you observe?
  • How would you describe the similarities and differences between your profession and the one you observed?
  • Was there anything that surprised you about the role that this professional had?
  • Did you observe collaboration between the professional you shadowed and others on the team? (Yes/no)
  • Can you describe the collaboration you observed?
  • What was most interesting about this experience?
  • How will this experience influence your role as a professional and team member?
What people are saying about the Role Observation Experience
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you for setting me up with the ROE program. It was a great experience and Janette was absolutely amazing. She was very insightful and thoroughly explained the role of a Lab Technologist. Please send my sincere gratitude to Janette and all of the Lab Team for their acceptance and openness.
It is important to recognize that in healthcare it takes more than one person; it is the combined effort of all members that really impacts the care that a client can receive. I would recommend (Role Observation Experience) to other students, because as members of the healthcare team, it is important to be open to growth. This opportunity can help foster synergy among members to significantly improve client care.
Jen Quigley, 
Georgian College
(Lifeline Newsletter September 2011)

"I think that the ROE program is extremely important as it promotes not only interprofessional collaboration but a greater respect and understanding for the unique roles that exist within the healthcare setting. I would encourage all students to take part in this program and I would once again like to thank-you for helping make this experience possible."

Nicole Lefaive,
BScN Second Degree Entry Program
York University, 2014
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