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Health Information FAQs

How do I obtain my Health Record or Diagnostic Image?
If you were a patient of Southlake Regional Health Centre, you can receive a copy of your health records for personal, legal or insurance use by submitting a signed Access to Personal Health Information and Disclosure Consent Form. This form allows us to release the records to you. Please note that you must provide photo I.D. to pick up your records. A basic search charge/s will apply.  Refer to the table below.

What happens if I want my record or diagnostic image released to another individual?
Whether you want your records released to a relative or friend, you must submit a signed Access to Personal Health Information and Disclosure Consent Form. This form allows us to release the records.

You must also provide a written note, signed and dated, permitting that individual to pick up the records. The individual picking up the records on your behalf must show their photo I.D.
Access to Personal Health Information and Disclosure Consent Form

Will the hospital have all my records on file?
Health Information is responsible for the release of patient health information for the timelines required by law. Currently, we are responsible to keep patient records for 10 years. If the patient was a child, the records are kept for 10 years past the year the patient reaches their 18th birthday.

We also release diagnostic images on CD or film. By law, we are required to keep the images for 5 years from the exam date. If the diagnostic image is of the breast we must retain it for 10 years. If the patient was a child, the mentioned timelines apply once the patient has reached their 18th birthday.

Do I need parental consent if I am a youth?
If the patient is 15 years of age or younger, parental consent is required. If the patient is 16 years of age or older, they are capable of requesting their own records and can consent to disclose their health information.

What happens if I am inquiring about records for a deceased patient?
To obtain records for individuals who are deceased, proof of executorships or legal signing authority must be submitted with the request. The Power of Attorney does not have the right to access records of a deceased patient.

How do I go about requesting birth/death/proof of hospitalization information?
If you are looking for birth/death/proof of hospitalization information (e.g. proof of birth/death, time of birth/death), submit a signed Access to Personal Health Information and Disclosure Consent Form. This form allows us to release the records to you or another authorized individual of your choice (we need proper documents to release to another individual, their photo I.D. and a permission letter from you). Print and complete the form and bring it with you to request your records. You must provide photo I.D. to pick up your records.

I am an insurance company or lawyer requiring a patient's records for a claim.
The Release of Information team requires an original request from the requester stating what is needed. Included with the request must be an original signed consent of patient/client or substitute decision maker with the paperwork proving such.

We no longer require prepayment. Once we receive the request with all proper documentation, we invoice for the full amount. When the payment in full is received, the records are released.

Forward these requests to the Release of Information Team in the Health Information Department.

#What is MedChart?

MedChart is a secure online platform which allows you to order your health records from any healthcare institution within Canada. Southlake has chosen to partner with MedChart to help patients order their hospital records electronically, without the inconvenience of coming into the hospital in person.

Using MedChart, you will create a user profile and select the records you would like to request. Your request will be sent directly to the Health Information Department to be processed, and you will receive an email notification once your records are in your secure portal, ready to be viewed and/or shared with your circle of care.

#Will ordering my records online cost more money?

Southlake’s fee schedule for releasing information will apply when requesting records online, but there is no additional fee for using MedChart to order your records from Southlake.

#How long will it take to get my records online?

Once you have placed your order, your records will typically be available within a few days, but for some more complex records it may take up to 30 days. Once your records are available, you will receive an email notification.

MedChart eliminates mailing and in-person pickups, reducing the overall time to get your records.

Why should I order my records online using MedChart?#

Ordering your records online has several benefits, including:

  • Saving you the time and expense of traveling to the hospital
  • Receive your records electronically means you can securely view and share the records with anyone in your circle of care

#Who can use MedChart to order records?

Patients, Parents/Guardians, Powers of Attorney, Executors of Estate, Lawyers, and insurance companies can all use MedChart with the appropriate consent. Visit medchart.ca for more details.

What is the cost of obtaining my medical information?
There is an administrative cost for non-medical requests.
Charges are as follows:

Item Description Fee Additional Fee
Medical Records on CD Providing a PDF copy of patient records on CD. (encrypted) $30.00 .25¢ for each page. (no free pages)
Medical Records paper copy For making and providing photocopies or computer printouts of a record. $30.00 .25¢ for each page after the first 20 pages
Microfilm/Microfiche for records older than 2006 For making and providing a paper copy of a record from microfilm or microfiche. $30.00 .50¢ per page (no free pages)
Computer Disk For making and providing a floppy disk or a computer disk containing a copy of a record stored in electronic format. $30.00 .25¢ cents per page
Reviewing the Record For supervising an individual examination of original records. $30.00 $6.75 for every 15 minutes after the first 15 minutes
Letter of Visit History

Blood Type Letter

Death/Birth Verification Letter

Flat Fee for any type of letter. $30.00 no additional fees

Fees not indicated above:

Requester Description Fee
CD DI images copied to a disk $10.00 per CD
WSIB Flat Fee $48.15
College of Physicians and Surgeons Flat Fee $0.25/page
College of Nurses of Ontario Flat Fee $0.25/page
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