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We are very excited to have you and your student group learning with the Southlake team! This page will provide you information regarding leading a student placement at Southlake.

FAQ for Instructors of Nursing Student Placements

Note: Failure to complete the process below and submit all of the required documents
will result in a delay in the placement

How do I register myself and my students?

  • When? Before or on your first clinical day, or contact scking@southlakeregional.org to make alternate arrangements
  • Where? Professional Practice located on Level 5 of the Village
  • What? Please submit the following:
How do I arrange computer training for my students?  
  • Arrange a computer training date for your student group. To book a training date please contact computertraining@southlakeregional.org Please make e-doc training arrangements as soon as possible to prevent a delay in your group placement starting on the unit.

What are the expectations and responsibilities of Instructors of Student Groups?

What are the expectations and responsibilities of Instructors of Pregrad/Consolidation Students?

What orientation is available for Instructors?

Instructors are:

  • Strongly encouraged to review the material of the Welcome Students web page
  • Invited to attend Southlake's corporate and interdisciplinary orientation. 
  • Southlake recommends Instructors be partnered with a peer Instructor familiar with Southlake during their first rotation here. Please request a “buddy” from the Placement Coordinator of your academic institution, as they are familiar with who has been to each hospital setting
  • Instructors of groups are encouraged to arrange a shadow shift via the Nurse Educator (see Instructor Letter for contact info)

Are students expected to attend orientation?

  • Nursing students in a final pre-graduate placement are required to attend orientation.
  • Students in group placements do not attend orientation.

Is there training for the lifts?

  • Safe client handling/lift training is the responsibility of each school within the standard nursing curriculum. Instruction specific to Southlake's practices and equipment may be provided via Physiotherapy staff, upon request.

Is there a refrigerator and a locker?

  • Refrigerator space is at a premium. Units will do their best to accommodate.
  • Lockers are available on a limited basis. Please contact your Placement Coordinator for the list of available lockers at Southlake.

What is the process at Southlake for a student in crisis or who becomes ill?

  • A student identified to be in crisis should proceed or be brought to the ED or Occupational Health depending on the circumstances and day/time of day.

Are off unit experiences organized through the educator of the unit we are on? If not, how does the Instructor organize these experiences for the students?

  • Please discuss ideas for providing off unit experiences for students with the Nurse Educator before making any arrangements. The Nurse Educator will be able to provide you with direction on who to contact to make arrangements for your group.

Do I have to book a room for a post-conference with the students?

  • Yes. Room bookings can be requested through Professional Practice by calling 905-895-4521 x2872 or x2922.

What is a Role Observation Experience (ROE)?

The ROE is a formal opportunity for learners to:

  • Learn about the roles of others on healthcare teams
  • Recognize how stereotypes can impact patient care
  • Apply learnings about interprofessional care

Who is eligible to participate in the ROE?

Learners are eligible to participate in the ROE if they:

  • Have a clinical placement at Southlake for 3 weeks or greater, and,
  • Have the approval of a preceptor or Faculty Instructor
  • Refer to the Role Observation Experience page for more information
Where do I find information about Parking?                       
  • There are 2 public parking lots within a short walk of the Hospital located at 615 Davis Drive and 465 Davis Drive.
  • More information on parking can be found on the Parking and Transit webpage.
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