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REB Forms & Templates
Below are links to Southlake Regional Health Centre's Research Ethics Board (REB) forms and supporting documents for new research project submissions or for continuing review by the REB of ongoing research.
Click on the appropriate link below to download the form(s) that you require.
This form must be submitted with each submission to the REB
This form must be submitted for research requiring full board review such as clinical trials for investigational drugs or devices approved and regulated by Health Canada.
This form is to be used for minimal risk research such as retrospective chart, data/record reviews or non-interventional research.  The use of patients' personal health information (data or specimens) reviews are subject to REB review and approval for research purposes.
Some Quality Improvement Projects may also require REB review. The Research Office in partnership with the Southlake Quality and Planning Department, must be notified of QA projects and, at their discretion; may determine a QA project to be more appropriately deemed research involving humans, and require an REB submission.  The final decision of whether or not a study qualifies for an exemption from REB review is made by the REB Chair or designate.  For futher information and guidance, please click here.
This work sheet must be submitted with each new application 
Credentialling Application
This application is for researchers or research assistants not on staff at Southlake
This form is to be submitted to the REB on an annual basis prior to the study approval expiry date
This form is to report end of study to the REB
This form is used for the release of potential Southlake patient names and contact information to researchers for recruitment purposes
Use of this checklist is optional. Some items in this checklist may not apply to your study. The wording in this checklist is based on the wording in the various regulations/guidelines/policies, and is not suitable for inclusion in the ICF. Please refer to the Consent Form Template below for appropriate wording and suggested text.
Consent Form Template (For Full Board Review)
The Southlake REB has adopted the Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) informed consent form template for use at Southlake.  Researchers/sponsors/CRO's must use this template and apply the study specific information as applicable.
Minimal Risk Consent Form Template (Delegated/Expedited Review)
This template is applicable for research than is no more than minimal risk and not typically subject to Health Canada/FDA regulations.
This form can be utilized to document the informed consent process
If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Villani, REB Administrator, at / 905-895-4521, ext. 6638.

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