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Logging in to the EZ Labor portal for the first time
First time logging into EZ Labour?
Note: You will need your employee number, which you can find on you pay stub in the ePay portal.
To create your password for the portal, follow the instruciton in either the video tutorial below or the instruction below the below the video.

Can't view the video above? Click here to view the video.

Creating a password for the EZ Labor Portal: Step by Step
  1. In the Client Name field, input "SRHC"
  2. Click Submit
  3. Input your employee number in both the user ID field and the password field.
  4. Click login
  5. You will then be asked to create a series of security questions. You will need to answer these questions in the future should you ever need to reset your password.
  6. Select a security question from the drop down menu
  7. Then type the answer to this question into the field below the menu.
  8. Repeat steps 5 &6 for the remaining 3 questions
  9. Click next
  10. In the Old password field input your employee number
  11. Input your new password in the password field
  12. Then confirm this new password by retyping it in the confirm password field
  13. Click submit
You have now created your password.
If you have any issues setting up your password, contact payroll.
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