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Scheduling and Pay
Pay Period/Swiping

All Southlake staff are required swipe-in and swipe-out on time clocks with their hospital-issued photo ID badge at the beginning and end of each shift. The information collected by the time clocks tracks your hours worked for payroll purposes.
Our pay periods are bi-weekly and always start on a Sunday and end two Saturdays later at midnight. Staff are paid every other Thursday by direct deposit. It is important that you provide us with your banking information prior to your first day to ensure your pay is processed without delay.

Pay stubs are issued electronically at Southlake via our online e-Pay portal
. You will be issued a temporary PIN and employee number on your first day which will be required to complete your intial login to e-Pay before changing your password.

Statements of Renumerarion Paid (T4) are also issued through the e-Pay portal to all staff in late February for the prior calendar year.
Should you resign your position at Southlake, you will have access to e-Pay for up to 60 days after you last day of work.
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