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Staff Parking and Commuting Options

Whether you choose to drive, take public transit, or carpool, this page will provide you with options regarding your transportation arrangements!  

Parking Available at Southlake

Southlake parkers register and manage their parking online! With IPASS (Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System) staff can manage their account online, view, download and/or print transactions reports, and verify payments, etc. New staff are able to register for parking 3 days prior to their confirmed start date.

Registering for parking…

  • Register for parking online using the IPASS Registration Instructions.

  • Please choose the correct parking option for you. The instructions are meant to help you register for parking quickly & efficiently; you will see tariff options that are not available to you at this time, please select the correct option according to your status to avoid delays in your registration.

On your first day, leave enough time to familiarize yourself with the location of the lots:

  • All new staff attending Onboarding or Orientation are required to park in (off-site) Lots #8 or #10 (view map here)

  • Approach the gate and put your vehicle in park at the intercom/scan station

  • Press the buzzer and provide the Parking Office attendant with your name and let them know you are here for onboarding/orientation, the attendant will lift the gate

  • At any time during your Onboarding or Orientation, stop by the Parking Office to confirm your parking

If you use the parking lot on your first day but do not sign up for SRHC parking, you will be required to pay the daily parking rate.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding parking, please do not hesitate to contact:


(416) 243-6990

Monday to Friday 0830 - 1700 hrs

Southlake Parking Office

(905) 895-4521 ext. 2778


Monday to Friday* 0700 - 2100 hrs.

*Manager on-site M-F, 0800 - 1600 hrs.

Saturday/Sunday 0900 - 1700 hrs.



Consider alternative forms of transportation including carpooling, transit, walking and biking

smart commute modes


Southlake partners with Smart Commute Central York to promote sustainable modes of commuting. We encourage Our People to make transportation choices that help to reduce the stress on our health, wallets, roads and the environment. Use the Smart Commute Trip Tool* to explore your options, match your trip with others and track the impacts of your transportation choices. Register and join the Southlake network and SCCY network from the pull-down menu.

  • Carpool. Save time, money and energy. Find your ride match on our free Trip Tool. You can share the cost of a monthly parking pass with your carpool partner and are eligible for on-site and garage parking. Our staff lots have prime "Carpool" designated parking spots.

  • Take Transit. Let somebody else handle the stresses of driving. Monthly passes are tax deductible. Southlake is conveniently located on YRT routes and within walking/cycling distance of the GO bus and train stations. The Trip Tool allows you to explore your transit options.

  • Walk. Walk or run to work. It is a great strategy for introducing exercise into your daily routine. You'll save money and improve your health. Locker rooms including shower facilities are available to all staff by the West Staff Entrance. The Trip Tool provides you with route options and calculates calories burned.

  • Bike. Bike to work or, if your commute is too far, take your bike with you on the bus. Free covered, secured, and video monitored card-access bike parking is available to all Southlake staff on the main level of the Parking Garage; register for access at the Parking Office. All YRT/Viva buses are now equipped with bike racks.

  • Emergency Ride Home Program. As an employee at a participating Smart Commute workplace, you are eligible for Emergency Ride Home (ERH) reimbursement. If you have an unforeseen emergency on any day you use a sustainable method to commute to work, you can request reimbursement of up to $75 for your emergency transportation costs.

For questions regarding your commuting options at Southlake, contact your Southlake Smart Commute Workplace Representative Theresa Collins, tcollins@southlakeregional.org

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