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Required Employment Documentation
The following documents are required to confirm and finalize your employment with Southlake. Return the documentation to the Human Resources Advisor who provided you with your job offer within 5 days of receipt to confirm your acceptance. Scan and email the completed documents or fax to 905-853-2218.

Documentation to provide/forms to complete:

  1. Signed Offer Letter
  2. Void Cheque/Direct Deposit Form

  3. Copy of Social Insurance Card

  4. Copy of a government-issued photo identification

  5. Copy of Professional Registration/credentials where applicable 

  6. TD1 Federal Tax form

  7. TD1ON Provincial tax form

  8. Confidentiality Agreement

  9. Property Agreement

  10. Internet Usage Agreement

  11. Emergency Contact Information 

  12. Declaration - Vulnerable Sector Screen
  13. HOOPP Enrolment Form (Full Time employees are required to submit this form to Human Resources, Part Time or Contract employees may submit if they wish to enroll in the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)).
  14. Averaging Hours Agreement (Non-Union, Non-Management Staff Only). Required reading: Information for Employees About Hours of Work and Overtime Pay
    15. As a new employee,  you are required to complete the Communicable Disease Surveillance Form and the Health Review Form, located below. The completed forms must be submitted no later than noon (12:00 p.m.) the Thursday Prior to your start date, to Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness, email: occupationalhealthnurses@southlakeregional.org or fax this form to: OHSW at 905-8305816.

Communicable Disease Surveillance Form Health Review Form

16. Vulnerable Sector Check - Apply through your local police department. The form must be submitted to Human Resources within 12 weeks of your hire date. For more information regarding VSS processing with your local police force:

York Regional Police * You can apply for a Vulnerable Sector Check Online, follow the Link

Toronto Metro Police * Please request the completed form from your HR Advisor - must be printed on Legal Size paper

South Simcoe Police * Please request the completed form from your HR Advisor

Additional documentation for:

Registered Nurses –Once you reach 25 year of full-time practice as a Registered Nurse, the ONA collective agreement provides for an additional step on the ONA pay scale. We require your to provide proof of hours worked from you past employers in order to calculate your progression to the 25 year rate. Application for RN Experience Credits is required to establish your rate of pay and to track your progress towards the 25 year RN rate of pay. Attach letters of hours from past employers.

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) members joining Southlake in a part-time capacity – If you are a current member of HOOPP elsewhere and are joining Southlake in a part-time capacity, you may contribute to HOOPP at Southlake upon hire. To validate your current HOOPP membership, email a copy of a recent pay stub with the HOOPP deduction highlighted to Southlake's Total Rewards Specialist, Jessica Chiu, jchiu@southlakeregional.org. Indicate in the subject line “Proof of HOOPP Membership and your name” and in the body of the email state your date of hire.

You may also have been instructed to schedule appointments. Please contact the departments below if you have been instructed to meet with:

  • Computer Training for order entry and/or e-documentation training please email:  computertraining@southlakeregional.org. Include in your email your position title, department, and start date. You will receive a confirmation email with your training time and date.  Failure to register in computer training will result in your unit orientation being delayed.
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