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Frequently Asked Questions - Smoke-Free Southlake
Why is Southlake Smoke-Free?
The province of Ontario prohibits smoking on Hospital grounds. Ontario Regulation 48/06 under theSmoke-Free Ontario Act and Ontario Regulation 337/15 under theElectronic Cigarettes Act prohibits smoking on hospital grounds in Ontario.
Do patients have to leave hospital property to smoke?
Yes. All patients, visitors, staff, physicians, students and volunteers must leave the grounds if they wish to smoke. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at any time on Hospital property.

For in-patients who normally smoke and do not want to leave Hospital property, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can be provided free of charge to help them feel more comfortable.

If a patient declines NRT and wishes to smoke, they will have to leave Hospital property to do so. As with any patient leaving the nursing unit during their stay, those who do so to smoke will have to inform their nurse.
Where can I smoke? What are the boundaries of hospital property? 
Hospital property includes all surrounding areas of facilities including: parking lots, roadways and sidewalks, entrance and exit locations, the Medical Arts Building (MAB), Southlake Residential Village and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre.

Sunnyhill Park, south of the Southlake Village, is a smoke-free park. The smoke-free boundary extends to Queen Street in this area, and also includes Grace Street from Roxborough Road to the cul-de-sac west of Prospect Street.

Can I be fined for smoking?
Yes. Just as a fine can be levied against you for smoking in a workplace you can be fined if you are caught smoking on Hospital grounds.
I will be visiting a patient at Southlake, where can I smoke?
All patients, visitors, staff, physicians, and volunteers, wanting to smoke must leave the Hospital property to do so.

As an in-patient who smokes, can Southlake help reduce my cravings for a cigarette during my stay?
To help make in-patients more comfortable during their time in the Hospital, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can be provided free of charge. NRT comes in many forms, including the patch, gum, and lozenges.
As an in-patient, can Southlake help me quit smoking during my stay?
In-patients wanting to learn more about quitting smoking can speak to a healthcare provider about Southlake's Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). To assist in making a patient's stay more comfortable, Nicotine Replacement Therapy will be provided free of charge while in Hospital. A referral to Smokers' Helpline can be made for follow-up counseling upon discharge. 
As an out-patient, am I still eligible for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy?
Southlake can only offer Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to patients while they are admitted to a Hospital bed.

For more information on smoking cessation visit the prevention and screening section of this site. 

Additional support to help those who want to quit smoking may be available through local public health units. Visit your Region, County or city website for more details. For example:

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