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In order to create a healthy and safe environment, Southlake is working to reduce scents throughout the Hospital. Scented personal products, cleaning products, and flowers may affect patients, employees, and visitors who are sensitive, have asthma, or have allergies to chemicals in scented products.

Flowers with strong scents are not permitted in the Hospital. Arrangements which include freesia, lilacs, lavenders, lilies, hyacinth, narcissus, chrysanthemum, helianthus and/or peonies are not allowed in the Hospital. Any arrangements containing these flowers will be removed immediately.

Southlake is working to reduce and eliminate the number of scented cleaning and other products within its inventory.

Scented or other properties are known to cause health problems and are evaluated by the Hospital’s Product Evaluation and Standardization Committee to determine whether it is possible to eliminate these products or find an appropriate substitute.

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