A mother is joined by her young sons while she receives chemotherapy
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Everyday Challenges
Dealing with emotional, physical, and practical challenge

Every day you may face the emotional, physical, and practical challenges of dealing with chemotherapy.

The emotional effects and how you deal with them are different for everyone. How you feel will also affect your daily activities. Developing coping methods can be a good start, whether you confide in friends and family, or start a journal. A journal is a tool to help you go through your cancer treatment. Use the journal to organise your appointments,  record and explore your thoughts and feelings, and keep important information at your fingertips. 

Write a list of questions before each doctor's visit, and tell your healthcare team right away that you have questions. Learning about possible side effects ahead of time may help you manage some of the physical challenges. 

Preparing for the practical challenges you may face is an important step of your journey.  Some of these challenges may include: 
  • scheduling appointments in advance,like going to the dentist
  • arranging for child care
  • preparing meals ahead
  • arranging transportation
  • financial considerations

Ask others for help. You'll be surprised at how eager those around you will be to make this an easier journey for you. 

Stay positive, flexible, and remember that your healthcare team wants the best for you and are always happy to listen.
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