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Cancer - Regional Cancer Program
In the tradition of a hospital that strives to deliver the best healthcare services that the community needs and deserves, the Regional Cancer Program at Southlake provides a full range of cancer services including screening, assessment, surgery, chemotherapy, psycho-social and palliative care, clinical trials, and, for the first time in York Region, radiation treatment.

The Regional Cancer Program leads in providing technologies which will help detect cancer sooner, increase the effectiveness of treatment, and position Southlake as a Canadian leader in the delivery of Cancer Care Services. Breast and colon cancer are two prevalent forms of cancer in Ontario. Improvements in the diagnosis of colon cancer are achieved through CT Colography software which provides transparent 3-D reconstruction images of the colon and allow for a non-invasive and quick diagnosis of polyps and tumours. For patients with Breast cancer, we have one of Canada's first fully digital mammography units. It provides increased detection rates in some cases, reduces wait times for non-urgent patients, and allows more women to be screened every year.

At Southlake, we offer chemotherapy treatments for children and adult patients and provide radiation therapy to patients using the most advanced treatment available. Minimally invasive surgeries are also available to treat lung, breast, and many other forms of cancer. Our state-of-the-art digital specimen radiography unit allows surgeons to make immediate diagnostic decisions in the operating room.

Everything about the Regional Cancer Program at Southlake is leading edge. State of the art equipment in our radiation treatment rooms allows us to perform image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) techniques, both considered to be the “gold standard” in radiation therapy. The sophisticated equipment and techniques enable the healthcare team to target the area requiring treatment more accurately and precisely, thereby reducing the risk of patients experiencing side effects.VMAT offers the added advantage of increasing patient comfort by reducing the duration of each treatment session by half.

And, at times, leading edge can also translate to down-to-earth. Our Community Cancer out-patient clinic includes a pre-chemotherapy teaching program, which allows patients to meet with a registered nurse who explains the chemotherapy drugs, possible side effects, scheduling dates and any other cancer-related questions. Personal time with an oncologist at each treatment visit allows the opportunity to review the patient's progress and to answer any questions.

When hospitalization is required for chemotherapy treatment, cancer-related complications or palliative care, patients are admitted to the program's in-patient unit where the focus is on maximizing the quality of life and preserving the dignity of the patient and the family.

While healing is our top priority, we understand that putting patients first means taking care of both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our Regional Cancer Program is much more than technology and expertise; as a top priority, we want to make sure patients' emotional, social, and spiritual needs are met, after all this is what our patients have come to expect, shockingly excellent service.
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